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Project Details

Calvin Engle Park

Warrensburg, NY

Client: Hudson Headwaters Health Network & Town of Warrensburg

Overview: This project involved the re-location and re-design of Cal Engle Park, which was displaced by the Warrensburg Health Center when it was constructed. The re-envisioned park forms a small amphitheater that the Town can use for performances and special events. There are also several seating areas adjacent to the amphitheater as well as a picnic area to the south end of the park. Centered in the park is a large planter with a spruce tree reminiscent of what existed in the original Engle Park.

Project Team:

Site Consultant - The Chazen Companies

Sitework - Edward & Thomas O'connor, Inc.

Photos - Randall Perry


HHHN Network News Article

Calvin Engle Park

Warrensburg, NY

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