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At the outset of every project we strive to listen and understand our client’s vision and goals. This attentiveness simplifies the project and improves results because our clients always receive our most insightful solution. The wide range of services we offer, along with the experience and creativity we bring to every project, also helps to further define the best solution for each of our projects. Every project is unique and we tailor the scope of services for each to fit our clients individual needs, allowing for design solutions that meet their needs and exceed expectations.


Our approach to Architectural design responds uniquely to the individual  goals and programmatic needs of each of our clients. We are a full-service, multi-disciplinary design firm that creates smart building solutions  and timeless designs benefiting people and communities. Not only are we creating buildings, but also places for people to work, thrive, and live. We create engaging environments with a true sense of purpose and permanence through our open and collaborative design efforts with both our clients and project teams. We take great pride in the fact that we are very successful at meeting our client’s fundamental needs and bringing their visions to life.  

Moreau Concept Plan.png

Our firm works closely with our client’s  to ensure all of their needs are considered and the solutions developed are appropriate and achievable. We ensure that each team member is well informed about the planning issues  driving the project and this collaborative planning approach allows all to understand project panning issues such as  existing site characteristics;  any potential building constraints; pertinent regulatory requirements; programmatic needs; and financial considerations.  Ultimately our effective planning method provides a thoughtful assessment that addresses  each issue, allowing projects to move forward based on concepts that are realistic and attainable. 


Creative interiors that complement the exterior architecture are essential to the creation of cohesive and successful projects.  How a space engages one’s senses both visually and tactually,  along with the emotions it invokes, is driven by the attention devoted to selecting quality materials and developing the interior details. We strive to design durable and maintenance-friendly interiors that reflect the owner’s unique identity, vision, and purpose.  Our firm is well versed in all aspects of creating quality interior environments. We are confident that we will create healthy, uplifting spaces that are attractive and comfortable, while providing design solutions that reflect who your organization is and what it aspires to be.

Selection of Services We Offer


  • Pre-Design

  • Programming

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documentation

  • Bidding and Negotiation

  • Construction Administration

  • Post Occupancy Services

  • Cost Control and Estimating

  • Scheduling & Phasing

  • ADA Assessments

  • Building Code Analysis

  • Code/Regulatory Review & Compliance

  • Existing Facilities Surveys

  • Life-Cycle Costing

  • Building Condition Assessments

  • Sustainable Design and/or LEED Certification


  • Master Planning

  • Facility Assessments

  • Comprehensive & Long-Range Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Site Evaluations


  • Space Planning

  • Finish Material & Selection

  • Furniture Selection & Specification

  • Building Evaluations

  • Tenant Space Improvements

  • Signage and Wayfinding

  • Applicable Regulatory Requirements

  • Building Systems Evaluation

  • Green Design Issues

  • Cost Analysis

Integrated Services

  • Renderings

  • 3D Modeling

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • As-Built Drawings

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